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This template categorizes files into [[:Category:Public domain files ineligible for copyright]] or one of its subcategories, partly on the basis of the [[idea–expression divide]] and the [[threshold of originality]].

Use the following templates to tag images which are not eligible for copyright protection:
* {{tl|PD-ineligible}}
* {{tl|PD-text}}
* {{tl|PD-textlogo}}
* {{tl|PD-shape}}
* {{tl|PD-chem}} - Chemical diagrams
* {{tl|PD-music-ineligible}} - depiction of musical concepts or techniques
** {{tlg|PD-music-ineligible|chord}} - depiction of chords
** {{tlg|PD-music-ineligible|chord progression}} - depiction of chord progressions
** {{tlg|PD-music-ineligible|musical interval}} - depiction of intervals
** {{tlg|PD-music-ineligible|musical scale}} - depiction of scales
** {{tlg|PD-music-ineligible|tone row}} - depiction of tone rows

===See also===
* {{tl|PD-old-100}} &mdash; for old audio sound files
* {{tl|Trademark}}
* [[Wikipedia:File copyright tags/Public domain]]

=== Further reading ===
* [[Wikipedia:Logos#Copyright-free logos|Copyright-free logos]]
* [[Wikipedia:Public domain#Works ineligible for copyright protection|Works ineligible for copyright]]

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