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Being [[360]] degrees larps these concepts avoided [[off-game]] time by for example making it a part of the game to also be [[in character]] when in your underwear requiring people to provide seemingly period underwear, nightcaps and the like. [[Non-diegetic]] items not belonging to the characters environment was banned from the location. This would include watches, flashlights, cameras, walk-mans and after some years beepers and cellphones.
Participant would be [[in character]] also when sleeping, when eating, when visiting toilets. This made almost every location an active part of the game. Some people making dinner or doing dishes might make the kitchen temporarily or permanently into a [[off-game]] area, but apart from the kitchen and the organisers own sleeping quarters, the ideal was that all the time and space avaible would be a part of the larp. People were at least trying to be [[in characer]] when in the toilets, in their sleeping quarters and so forth. Since the cabins would be relativily crowded with people it was viewed as limiting to the game that any indoor location should not be a part of the [[diegesis]]. It might not have been a conscious choice of the organisers, but the relatively young playergroup would get so agitated anyway, that it was at this moment in time difficult to upheld a rule of not allowing participants to sneak around other people sleeping, or kidnap people when they went to the traditional outdoor toilets in the dark. Rather on the contrary these kind of activities were promoted by the designers of the games. Participants would be urged to play with the borders of the [[diegesis]] by the design of secret cults of kidnappers, and secret ritual brotherhoods that would demand the participants characters to get up and at night and to perform secret activities, hidden from eachother.
A practical example of how the organisers tested the limits of participants expectations and commitment to the [[diegesis]] and the [[360]] illusion, was for example when they broke a glass window as a part of the start of the game. [[In-game]] a couple of mercenaries breaks a window and crawls into the kitchen (deemed by a few players by habit to be an [[off-game]] space). What really happened was that the participants playing the mercenaries characters were told to crawl through the open window into the kitchen of the forestcabin in question.


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