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[[Image:Oslo Winterlarps Preparations03.jpg|thumb|right| Participants would be divided into familygroups of 10-20 people. Normally the size of the group would match a selected house which would be the base location for this groups play. Participantsfactions would meet regularily up to 6 months prior to the game, to decide on common clothing, plan for food, special customs or other appropriate excercises. In one game the group playing samipeople memorized some 100 words of Sami and used grammar to be totally incomprehensible for the rest of the participants. Skis that would give a period impression were prepared. Old tools were brought to the game. Axes for cutting trees and making firewood. Shovels for digging in the snow. The evening before larpstart people would practice folksongs relevant for the larp. Skalds would memorize legends. Priests would practice ceremonies and their latin.]]
The evening before the start of the larp participants would decorate their living quarters, get into costumes, make food and be only partly playing their characters. They might do last minute practice of names of related characters. Individually people would be testing the way of talking [[in-character]], and often practice common songs related to the [[diegesis]] or the the overall [[genrè]] of the larp. More importantly participants would discuss routines like when to wake up, dishwashing, fetching water, maintaining the fire, foodmaking and establish time and reponsibility for common meals and other practical matters. An organiser would oversee this and balance it with the [[Scheduling]] and the [[Storyarc]] of the larp.


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