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|name=Siri Sandquist
|sort_name=Sandquist, Siri
|countrynationality=Sweden|organizationsorganization={{Unbulleted list|[[LajvVerkstaden]], |[[Ariadne's Red Thread]], |[[Atropos]]}}|birth_date={{Birth year and age|1987}}
'''Siri Sandquist''' (Born [[1987]]) is an archaeologist turned larp-pedagogue from [[Sweden]]. She has been actively organizing and larpwriting since [[2013]] and working at [[LajvVerkstaden]] [[2015]] to [[2017]] . She is passionate about larp, feminism, food, and serious thoughts.
* Female narratives and why we should play them - Nordic larp talks 2018
* Kvinnliga narrativ och historiska Könsroller - Prolog,( together with [[Rosalind Göthberg]] and [[Alma Elofsson]] )

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