Solmukohta 2004

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Solmukohta 2004 was a Knutepunkt-conference held in Hotel Matinlahti, Espoo, Finland, from the 19th to the 22nd of February. A Week in Finland was held 13th-19th of April in Helsinki. The events were organized under Ropecon association.

228 participants came from 11 different countries with 40 program items.


For the conference, one Knutepunkt-book was published: Beyond Role and Play, edited by Markus Montola and Jaakko Stenros, foreword by Frans Mäyrä.


The theme for program Solmukohta 2004 was inspiration. The programme was divided into four major themes: larp around the world, immersion, game milieu and theory. Last night's costume party was themed Film Noir.

A Week in Finland

A Week in Finland was held 13th-19th of April making it one of the longest so far. Activities included many larps, including the classic flour larp Luminesence, and different kinds of parties.


Mikko Pervilä (main organizer)
Henri Hakkarainen and Jaakko Stenros (PR)
Taika Helola and Anni Tolvanen (Program)
Heidi Hopeametsä (Databases)
Kalle Kivimaa (Treasurer)
Irrette Melakoski (Hostess)
Markus Montola and Jaakko Stenros (Book)
Timo Multamäki (Sponsorships)
Heiko Romu (Logistics)
Jukka Seppänen (Volunteer workers)

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