Silbertin Farm

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The Silbertin Farm (in Danish: Silbertingården) was a 16 square meters sized building which was originally erected at the larp Legendernes Tid 7. However, the farm was used as a setting at several subsequent larps, perhaps most notably the 2008 Agerbørn II: Korsvejen, where it was split up into several smaller parts that ended up comprising most of the village.

The concept behind the building of the farm was to show that the level of player involvement can drastically lift the quality of a larp. At the time, the responsibility for the outcome of a scenario was placed primarily on the shoulders of the organisers. The building of the farm, along with other efforts, such as a very high standard in costumes and player generated characters, was to show other players that they have a responsibility too, and that what they bring to the table matters.

The main organiser behind the farm was Jesper Heebøll Arbjørn, who was also in charge of acquiring funding for the building, and for designing and building it.

The Silbertin Farm was extremely heavy. A blues about carrying the walls and roof of the farm has been written, and the text is available online (in Danish). [1]

The Silbertin Farm has found its final resting place at Østerskov Efterskole.