Rebel Rehbinder

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Rebel Rehbinder
Years active2015–present

Rebel Rehbinder is a Swedish larp producer, writer and designer working out of the United Kingdom. She is one of the founding members of the London-based larp collective Omen Star where she is the Production and Technical Lead. Before this she led online and virtual larp development.


Blockbuster Larps

  • Cyberpunk London (2022)
  • Mörkveden (2023)
  • Goetia (2023)

Chamber Larps

  • Bon Appetit (2019)
  • Sacrament (2019)
  • Meet at the Tavern- Consequences Edition (2019)

Online Larps

Technical Lead on the Sacrament Online larps.

  • Sacrament Online (Monthly)

Producer of the TavernQuest series of online larps. TavernQuest larps are now run by Constellation Larp.

  • TQ1: Meet at the Tavern (2020)
  • TQ2: Meet at the Dungeon (2021)
  • TQ3: Meet at the Guildhouse (2021)
  • TQ4: Meet at the Palace (2021)
  • TQ5: Meet at the Galleon (2021)
  • TQ6: Meet at the Space Station (2021)
  • TQ7: Meet at the Graveyard (2021)
  • TQ8: Meet at the Midwinter Feast (2022)
  • TQ9: Meet at the Shire (2022)
  • TQ10: Meet at the Shipwreck (2022)

Producer and Technical lead for standalone online larps

  • Take Me With You (2020)
  • Visions of the Underworld (2021)


  • Larping in Lockdown -KP 2021