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This article is meant to help users create and edit articles about people on Nordic Larp Wiki.

Creating a New Article

First search after the persons name to make sure there isn't already an article. Double check your spelling so you don't create a duplicate, but if you do it's easy to handle. When you search for a name and there is no article for that person, the search result page will present you with a link to create an article for that name.

Screenshot of a search result for a name with no article.
Search result for a name with no article.

Due to a technical limitation this will launch the source code editor instead of regular visual editor. To go to to the visual editor, click on the tab labelled "Create" next to the active "Create source" tab.

A screenshot of a newly created article showing the controls to switch to the visual editor.
Click the "Create" tab above the editor to go to the visual editor.

You are now in the visual editor and ready to create the page content!

Editing an Article

Editing is pretty straight forward, just add the content and press the "Save changes..." button when you're done. Remember to write according the style guide and to adhere to the people policy and picture policy if you add a photo.You can get more help on the editor over at the Visual Editor User Guide.

Adding a Category

It's very important that you add a category to the article so people can find it. You can find the category settings under the "Page options" menu behind the menu bar icon with horizontal bars.

A screenshot of the page options menu expanded.
The page options menu expanded.

Set the category to "People" and apply changes.

Adding an Infobox

An infobox is a sidebar containing information about the person the article is about. To add an infobox, place the caret at the start of the article and press the "Insert" button in the menu bar and select "Template"

A screenshot of the Insert menu.
Select Template in the Insert menu.

In the popup, start typing "Infobox person" until that option appears in the list, select it and press "Add template". This will take you to a view where you can edit the fields for the infobox. Press the "Insert" button when you're done. If you want to edit the infobox later, just select it and press the "Edit" button.

The tool to insert the infobox has quite clear information, but if you want to see all documentation it's in the template documentation for Infobox person.

Handling Duplicate Articles

Pick an article to keep. Move over any missing information from the duplicate. Empty the duplicate article and add a redirect to the kept article.

More Help

Check out the Community Portal for more tips on how you can contribute to Nordic Larp Wiki.