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This guide is meant to help you write the possible article about a larp you can.

What Is a Larp?

An article about a larp can be either about a chamber larp, a one time larp run, a larp format that has been run several time or larps that are harder to define in those terms. Under #categories below you can read more about how to structure your articles in categories.


What should a larp article cover?


All articles about larps should be in the larps category. This can be combined with other categories to give better information about the larp.


The main sub-categories are:

  • Larp runs - For articles about one-shot larps or specific runs of larp.
  • Chamber larps - For articles about chamber larps, black-box larps, free-form scenarios and such.

Each sub-category, as well as the base larps category have sub-categories to categorize larps after year and country. The category structure, a bit simplified, looks like this:

  • Larps
    • Larps by country
      • Larps from Denmark
      • Larps from Finland
      • Larps from Norway
      • Larps from Sweden
      • ...
    • Larps by year
      • 1997 larps
      • 1998 larps
      • 1999 larps
      • ...
    • Chamber larps
      • Chamber larps by country
        • Chamber larps from Denmark
        • Chamber larps from Finland
        • Chamber larps from Norway
        • Chamber larps from Sweden
      • ...
      • Chamber larps by year
        • 1997 chamber larps
        • 1998 chamber larps
        • 1999 chamber larps
        • ...
    • Larp runs
      • Larp runs by country
        • Larp runs in Denmark
        • Larp runs in Finland
        • Larp runs in Norway
        • Larp runs in Sweden
        • ...
      • Larp runs by year
        • 1997 larp runs
        • 1998 larp runs
        • 1999 larp runs

The year of a larp should be when the larp was first run or published.

Category Examples

The larp Ingenmansland was a one-shot larp run in Sweden in 2008. It should have the categories Larps, Larps from Sweden, 2008 larps, Larp runs, Larp runs in Sweden and 2008 larp runs.

The larp Papers is a chamber larp first run in Sweden in 2013. It should have the categories Larps, Larps from Sweden, 2013 larps, Chamber larps, Chamber larps from Sweden and 2013 chamber larps.

Sorting in Categories

An article is automatically sorted in categories by its name. There is no need to enter a sorting order unless it starts with a special character (.laitos) or an article (The Forbidden History).


There are three available infoboxes:

More Help

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