Max Møller

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Max Møller
Born1975 (age 45–46)

Max Møller is a scenario writer from Denmark who works within the Fastaval freeform tradition.

Max Møller has been a prolific writer for the Danish convention Fastaval since his debut in 1996. In 2001, he attracted a lot of attention with his ironic scenario, Being Max Møller, which was a pastiche on the film Being John Malkovich, and which featured himself as the main character. The scenario contained a memorable scene where both players and random bystanders were asked to wear a mask with Max Møller's face, and only utter the word ‘Max Møller’. The name circulated as a catchfrase at Fastaval for several years.

The themes in Max Møller's writing circle around childhood, abuse, alcoholism, and coming of age.

Max Møller has been awarded Fastaval's prize, the Otto, for several scenarios - most recently “Tilbagefald” (Relapse) and “Det Sidste Eventyr” (The Last Fairy Tale).

Apart from writing scenarios for Fastaval, Max has also contributed to the Danish role-playing scene in other ways. Together with Morten Juul, he started an online zine called Xkapist, which reviewed role-playing related issues.

During his years as judge at Fastaval, Max contributed greatly to the current phrasing of the criteria for what makes a good scenario at Fastaval.

Professional life

Max works professionally with learning games, and has a master's degree in Information and communications technology and learning. He has worked as a game designer and project manager at Aarhus University since 2003, and as a senior game designer and consultant at the Danish agency Workz.