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Maury Brown
NationalityUnited States

Maury Brown is a larp scholar, educator, publisher, and a participatory experience designer, writer, producer, and consultant. She is the president of Learn Larp, LLC a US live roleplay company that produces high-immersion, mechanics-light destination experiences based on the Nordic collaborative style, including the breakout larp New World Magischola. She is also the designer of the destination larps Immerton, Beat Generation, and Inside Avernus, and she has written several other parlor larp scenarios and larps for educational purposes. She consults with schools, museums, and non-profit agencies to bring participatory design into their curricula and events. A pioneer in using safety and calibration tools in US larps, Brown applies instructional design principles to her larp design and organization. She researches how games can create radical empathy and personal transformation and is currently a PhD Candidate at Old Dominion University.

Larp & Roleplay Companies

Founder and President, Learn Larp, LLC, a larp production company, producer of New World Magischola, Immerton, Beat Generation, Inside Avernus, Yuletide, and collaborator with HLG Con and other upcoming productions.

President, Snow Dragon Games, a publishing company for board games, wholly owned by Learn Larp, LLC.

President, Inexorable Media, a publishing company for tabletop games, lore books, and fiction titles, a subsidiary of Learn Larp, LLC.

Owner, SAIF Events, a brand and consulting firm that assists and certifies games, conventions, and events as meeting qualifications for safety, inclusion, and accessibility.

Larp Design & Writing

Multi-day destination experiences

New World Magischola, a 4-day immersive wizard school event, University of Richmond, College of William & Mary, Mt. Holyoke College. Owner, co-lead designer with Ben Morrow, organizer, writer, producer, world creator, plot design, character team lead. Learn Larp, LLC. 2015-present.

Immerton, a 4-day immersive fantasy event, Joshua Tree, CA. Owner, lead writer, designer, producer, world creator. Developed with Kat Jones, Quinn D, Sarah Bowman, and Orli Nativ Learn Larp, LLC. September 2017.

Beat Generation, a 2-day immersive historical fiction event, New York City, NY. Writer, producer, designer. Learn Larp, LLC. April, 2018.

Inside Avernus, a 3-day wizard prison adventure underground. Owner, lead writer, designer, producer. September, 2018.

Yuletide Escapade, a 3-day wizard holiday adventure. Owner, lead writer, designer, producer. Punderson Manor, Ohio. December 2016, 2017, 2018.

College of Wizardry, a 4-day immersive wizard school event, Czocha Castle, Poland. Character writer, world writer, safety workshop design, safety team, larp organizer. Onsite production team CoW 4, 5, 6. with Liveform (now Dziobak Larp Studios), 2015–16.

College of Wizardry: The Challenge, a 4-day immersive tri-wizard school tournament, Kliczkow Castle, Co-lead organizer and producer with Dziobak Larp Studios. May 2017.

Fairweather Manor, a 4-day immersive event inspired by Downton Abbey, Moszna Castle, Poland. Character writer and character designer, with Liveform (now Dziobak Larp Studios). 2015–16.

Convention of Thorns, a 4-day immersive Vampire the Masquerade event, Poland. Safety workshop design, black box design, with Liveform (now Dziobak Larp Studios). 2016–17.

End of the Line, an 8-hour Vampire the Masquerade event, New Orleans, LA. Safety and consent mechanics and workshop design, larp adaptation to audience, with Participation Design Agency and White Wolf. September 2016.

Just a Little Lovin’ USA, a 5-day immersive event about AIDS, being queer, and love. Safety design, larp adaptation, safety team, with Pink Dollars LLC. Minnesota, July 2017.

Single Day or Convention Larps

A Wolf By Any Other Name, a 4-hour wizard school adventure. Writer and designer, developed with Ben Morrow. Played at Metatopia, Arisia, Dreamation, Gen Con, Intercon, Breakout Con, Big Bad Con, Origins, Google, and Walt Disney Studios. Learn Larp, LLC. Published June 2017.

Public Memory, a 4-hour freeform larp about history, institutional racism, and politics. Writer and designer. Played at Metatopia, Breakout Con, and Dreamation. 2017–2018.

Immerton: The Initiation, a 4-hour ritual larp about womanhood across the universe. Developed with Kat Jones. Played at Metatopia, Intercon, Gen Con. 2017–18.

Revenants Rising, a 4-hour wizard adventure. Writer and designer. Played at Dreamation, DEXCON, Gen Con, HLG Con. 2018.

Detention Breakout, a storytelling roleplay escape room. Writer and designer. Played at DEXCON 2018, Gen Con 2018, HLG Con 2018.