Martine Svanevik

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Martine Svanevik
Years active1999–present

Martine Svanevik is a Norwegian larper, fiction writer, narrative and game designer. Her work has featured in both AAA games and indie productions. She's been playing and making larps since 1999. In 2018 she became the CEO of Avalon larp studio.

Editor of Once Upon a Nordic Larp... Twenty Years of Playing Stories (2017) together with Linn Carin Andreassen, Simon Brind, Elin Nilsen, and Grethe Sofie Bulterud Strand.


Larpwright (designer/co-designer/writer)

  • Drømmen om Diluvrien (2003)
  • The collective –take the power back (2004)
  • Konstantinopel (2006)
  • Enhetsfront (United Front) (2005)
  • War Council (2008)
  • Diluvrien 2: Keiserens arv (2008)
  • CoW5 Spinoff - To Hell and Back (2016)
  • The Quota - Border Crossing (2017)
  • The Quota (2018)
  • Where Androids Die (2018) (character writer)
  • Avalon (2018)


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