Leaving Mundania

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Leaving Mundania: Inside the Transformative World of Live Action Role-playing Games
AuthorLizzie Stark
CountryUnited States
Published2012 (Paw Prints)
ISBN<templatestyles src="Module:Citation/CS1/styles.css" />1569766053

Leaving Mundania is a narrative nonfiction book about larp written by American journalist Lizzie Stark. The work, researched over the course of three years, examines larp in the US and Nordic countries from a variety of perspectives, mixing in-depth profiles of larpers with scenic accounts of campaigns and other events, and historical research.

While reporting for the book, Stark interviewed over one hundred larpers, attended a campaign boffer larp called Knight Realms for 18 months, ran her own Cthulhu Live game, uncovered similarities between modern larp and Elizabethan pageantry, watched the US military larp, and attended Knutepunkt 2011 in Denmark.