Larson Kasper

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Larson Kasper
Portrait of Larson Kasper
Born (1972-11-10) November 10, 1972 (age 47)

Larson Kasper, plays and organises larps since summer of 96. He is a founding member of the German larp-cooking-collective Kampfküche, loves to take photos on larps and combine them with roadtrips. Currently he lives in the south-western part of Germany, near Mainz.

He was among the first German participants of KP/ SK and one of the initiators of the German pendant Mittel.Punkt. Together with Stefan Deutsch he wrote a manifesto for mini-larp-events. As a state-certified educator working in youth care, he started using larp as an edu-tool in 1999.

Articles on larp

2016 "Playing stress, guilt and identity - this ain`t politics, this is Syria" - with Kristina Leipoldt, p. 59 - 64; in Larp Politics – Systems, Theory and Gender in Action

2016 “Larp is like Hummus – everybody`s mom makes it best…” – with Kristina Leipoldt, p. 139 – 146, in Larp Realia – Analysis, Design and Discussions of Nordic Larp

Co-Organizer and Designer of larps in Germany


Generatiosnraumschiff 1

Projekt Prometheus Berlin


2016/ 17

Larp im Museum


KNB 109 M

Star Trash - Nur Du kannst die Welt retten


Aki no Hana


Welcome to Wandaland

The Living Dead


Miezen, Messer und Moneten - Roulette und Rock'n'Roll

Larp am Limes - Unerwartete Ereignisse


Miezen, Messer und Moneten - Geburtstagsgrüße von der Mafia

KultUr 2

2004/ 05

KultUr 1


Newrast-Aqualonde 2


Newrast-Aqualond 1


Aelm-Atrthosia 2


Aelm-Arthosia 1

Co-Organizer of Conventions in Germany

Mittel.Punkt [2006-2009]

It's Full of Larps [2011-2020]

It's Full of Drama [2019]

Larpwrite Winter Retreat [2016-2020]