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The Larporatory is a practical follow up to the Larpwriter Summer School. The goal is to design a playable larp in two days and then playtest it on the third day.


Groups are encouraged to sign up with an idea for a short larp they want to design and playtest. It is also possible to sign-up without a group in which case you will be assigned one. Designers then get two full days (Friday, Saturday) to create their larp. The designers are asked to design flexible larps that can be played in blackbox or conference rooms. They can be as big or as small as they want but the playtest on Sunday will limit the run to about 10 players and 4 hours.

Experts and Counselors

During the Larporatory all groups will have a facilitator who will follow their group throughout the process. The facilitators are also previous members of the LWSS and have themselves earlier produced a larp at the Larporatory.

Some of the speakers and facilitators from the Summer School are also be present and serve as expert counsellors for the groups. Providing advice and technical support.

Larps Created at the Larporatory



  • Bring your own bottle
  • How do you feel today
  • Human +/-
  • In your hands
  • When the war comes