La sirena varada

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La sirena varada
TaglineA larp about Mediterranean dreams and red-blooded delusion. About waking up late and enjoying life.
Organized bySomnia
DateSeptember 17–20, 2015 (2015-09-17 – 2015-09-20)
Duration2 days
LocationAl Jatib caves, Baza, Spain
Participants24 (20 players and 4 supporting positions)
Designed by

La sirena varada (The Stranded Mermaid) is a contemporary larp taking place at cave houses in Spain, about the dwellers of a community built outside of conventional society, people who eschew common sense for the pursue of fantasy and dreams... and their descent into madness.

It is based on the theatrical play of the same name written by Alejandro Casona in 1934 and the first larp run took place exactly 50 years after his death.


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