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Citations are important in Wikipedia to ensure that information comes from actual, reliable sources (WP:V, WP:CITE). There are two preferred ways of doing so: footnotes and parenthetical/Harvard citations. Citations can also be placed as external links, but these are not preferred because they are prone to link rot and usually lack the full information necessary to find the original source in cases of link rot. In cases where citations are lacking, the template {{fact}} can be added after the statement in question.

Citation style In article Appears as In References Appears as
Good Footnotes
Substantiated claim.<ref name="Perry"> Perry's Handbook, Sixth Edition, McGraw-Hill Co., 1984. </ref>
Another substantiated claim.<ref name="Perry" />
Substantiated claim from web site.<ref name="example web reference">[ Link text], additional text.</ref>

Substantiated claim.[1] Another substantiated claim.[1] Substantiated claim from web site.[2]

  1. 1.0 1.1 Perry's Handbook, Sixth Edition, McGraw-Hill Co., 1984.
  2. Link text, additional text.
Good Harvard referencing
Substantiated claim. (Adams 1903)
Substantiated claim. (Adams 1903)
* Adams, Adam. ''The Nomen Dynasty in Eastern Europe'', Academia Press, 1903. {{ISBN|0000000000}}
  • Adams, Adam. The Nomen Dynasty in Eastern Europe, Academia Press, 1903. <templatestyles src="Module:Citation/CS1/styles.css" />ISBN 0000000000
Bad Embedded links
Substantiated claim.[]
Substantiated claim.[1]
* [ Library of Congress website]
Ugly Citation needed
Unsubstantiated claim.{{fact}}
Unsubstantiated claim.[citation needed]

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