Harry Harrold

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Harry Harrold
NationalityUnited Kingdom
Years active1983–present

Harry Harrold is a crew member, player and game designer. He has been a larper since 1983 and a larpwright since 1984, he thinks.

He blogs at larpx.com


Larpwright (producer/designer/co-designer/co-organiser/writer)

Crewing (...these amongst others)

  • Reginae Regis, the Six Wives of Henry VIII (2023) 'Henry VIII'
  • Omen Star's Goetia (2023) event catering
  • College of Wizardry 25 (2023) 'Professor Percival Brunet, head of school', ig/og responsibility for smooth running of school graduation weekend. Actual work done by many, many hands.
  • Profound Decisions' Empire (2012-present) UK fest, 'John of Meade', ig/og responsibility for smooth running of Senate. Actual work by design team and other civil servants.
  • Broken Dreams LRP' Twilight Theatre UK chamber larp (2017-2018) 'Oberon', ig/og responsibility for player enjoyment. Actual work by Puck...
  • Strange LRP's Event One (2017) event catering
  • Crooked House's God Rest Ye Merry (2015) event catering
  • Profound Decisions' Odyssey (2010-2016) UK fest, 'King Minos', ig/og responsibility for smooth running of an arena. Actual work delegated to kick-ass team.
  • Lorien Trust's Gathering (1997-2003) UK fest, 'Caine of Teutonia', ig/og responsibility for the Viper's faction, as 2ic 1997–2001, as 1ic 2001-2003

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