Ground Zero

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Ground Zero

Full credits
Jami Jokinen & Jori Virtanen
April 1998, spring 1999 & October 2001
Turku, Finland
30 hours
Number of runs
200 EUR

Ground Zero was a larp run in Turku, Finland in 1998 and designed by Jami Jokinen and Jori Virtanen.


Ground Zero is a Nordic larp designed by Jori Virtanen and Jami Jokinen. It was set in a bomb shelter in Tulsa, Oklahoma, during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. The larp was an alternative history where the characters spent the whole game in a bomb shelter listening to the radio as news became progressively worse. Finally the radio went silent and some time later the shelter was rocked by a bomb landing some miles away. The characters spent the rest of the larp coming to grips with their world ending.


The production was run 3 time with around 50 participants altogether.