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(Stichting) Evolution Events is a larp organisation based in the Netherlands that was established in 2005. All organisers / designers currently active in the organisation have been so since the beginning.

Although very little vocabulary around Nordic Larp and larp design theory was being used in the Netherlands at the time, Evolution Events has organised several larps that could in retrospect have been called Nordic or at least having some design elements in common with Nordic larps. Their larps are often very light on rules and more focused on drama and interpersonal roleplay.

Some of the larps they organised are listed below.


  • Lextalionis (2006-2010), a ten-event Vampire: the Masquerade campaign in the "two-weekends-a-year" style.
  • Exodus (2006-2009), an eight-event, somewhat lighthearted non-traditional fantasy campaign about a world where love starts taking the upper hand at the cost of free will.
  • Black Box (2008), a larp that had nothing to do with Black Box rooms, instead being EE's first foray into one-shot events.
  • Dead Fox Junction (2010), a one-shot larp about a secluded western village forgotten by time, strongly focused on interpersonal drama.
  • Extinction (2011), a Cthulhu Mythos larp set in both the 1920s and 2010s.
  • Xenophobia (2013-2016), in which members of a formerly secluded society needed to find their way in a post-post-apocalyptic world.
  • Exit, a series of oneshots that have similar themes and modes of play, but completely different settings.
  • Bij de Styx (2018), where players portray the gods of the Greek pantheon, attempting to become relevant again in this cynical age, hindered only by 3,000 years of emotional baggage and petty infighting. This game was re-run for an international audience as On the Styx twice in 2019, with both re-runs and (intentionally) international runs being a first for Evolution Events, and will be ran twice more in 2021.

Aside from these, Evolution Events has also been the "host organisation" of some events that have at least in part been created by an external group of designers. Among these are Nox Arabica, Awakening 2 and Super Secret Mission X.