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EntreReVs is an annual Spanish larp convention which has been running since 2013. It is organized in different locations around Spain to avoid associations with local groups and styles.

It includes lectures, workshops, debates and, in a smaller number, short larps. However, the most relevant in EntreReVs is the chance to meet creative people from all over Spain (and hopefully from other places too in the near future) with different ideas and approaches regarding larp.

Its short-term goals are:

-To provide a meeting point for those interested in larping. Improving the cooperation among the different groups from all over Spain to ease the exchange of ideas.

-To become the Spanish larp's showcase for the international larp community.

EntreRevs will provide English activities from 2016. Any non Spanish speaker can collaborate either in person or via pre-recorded video or streaming.

List of EtreRevs

Conference Location & time
EntreRevs 2013 Al Jatib's caves, in Baza (Granada), Spain
EntreRevs 2014 El Rellano inn, Molina de Segura (Murcia), Spain
EntreRevs 2015 Madrid, Spain
EntreRevs 2015 Alborache, Valencia, Spain