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Cabaret, photo by Carl Bredberg 2014.

Cabaret, a Larp Musical

In ‘Cabaret’, music is used as the most important meta technique. All participants are given the option to prepare a music number to perform during the larp. These musical performances are treated as monologues, in which the characters express their innermost feelings, hopes or fears. Optionally, the larp can also include pre-rehearsed musical performance numbers, prepared and performed by a subset of the players who perform in character.

The larp setting is a night club in Berlin, and plays out right after the rise of the Nazi regime in 1933. The theme of the larp centres on how the personal is political, and the political personal. The whole larp plays out during one evening on the club, and is structured into three acts intended to create dramatic escalation. The script includes pre-written roles for 50 players and 4 staff members.


Act structure

Music as inner monologue

Safe Words


Cabaret was designed by Staffan Fladvad, Annika Waern, Alexander Sandrén, and Siri Arvidsson. A full script in English is available from the designers.

Documentation of Runs

2013, Folkuniversitetet, Stockholm. Test-run with a smaller number of players and roles. Production crew: Staffan Fladvad, Jonatan Gedda, Annika Waern.

2014, Orionteatern, Stockholm (in Swedish). Production crew: Staffan Fladvad, Alexander Sandrén, Siri Sandqvist, Annika Waern. Staff: Olivia Pehrsson

2017, Orioteatern, Stockholm (in English). Production crew: Staffan Fladvad, Alexander Sandrén, Martin Wessman, Karin Johansson. Staff: Caroline Holgersson, Calle Lanz, Sabina Sonning, Robin William-Olsson.

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