Brudpris A Few Years Later

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Brudpris A few years later
TaglineHonor. Love. Patriarchy
Larp seriesBrudpris
Duration5 days
Designed by
First run2018 (2018) in Denmark
Brudpris series
Preceded by

Brudpris A Few Years Later(2018)
Date2018 (2018)


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"The Mo folk live almost entirely isolated from the modern world. They are in many ways a complicated people, with customs that seem alien and perhaps frightening to those of us more accustomed to more civilised behaviours. This being said, I have found myself invited to one of their great celebrations and received a warm welcome at their tables and in their homes. Below follows a description of my experiences with this strange people.

The observant reader will notice that I have not written much on the life and doings of the women. This is due to the fact that I, as a man, am not allowed to mix more than is necessary with the women of the Mo people and never without a man from the family. Not that they are scared I might endanger their safety or honour, but for fear that they should endanger mine."

Excerpt from "The Mo Folk – an analysis and anthropological study" by Ethan Rickman


Brudpris is a larp by Anna-Karin Linder and Carolina Dahlberg. A few years later is a larp set in the same world as Brudpris, but with new characters and new conflicts.

The game consisted mostly of Mo famlies just like the original game. One of the main changes was the outsider group of deserters, that did not have the option of leaving and thus had to stay.



The larp has been run once.

  • Denmark September 12–16, 2018 (2018-09-12 – 2018-09-16): 54 participants. English language run


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