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Template:Book The Book was published in conjunction with the Knutepunkt 2001 conference.


04 Editorial (2001) by Anethe Alfsvåg, Erlend_Eidsem_Hansen, Ingrid Storrø, Tommy Finsen, Bjørn Rugstad and Helge H. Jensen.

05 Welcome by Benedikte

06 KP Online by Tommy Finsen

07 GiHa-DraMaK 07 by Erlend_Eidsem_Hansen


12 Knutepunkt; A retrospective vizualisation by Lars Munck

16 Developing a Character by Holger Jacobsson

18 Pre-LARP Communication by Cathrine Movold

21 Cultural Studies and Role-Playing by Frans Mäyrä

23 The LRP-phenomenon by Lars Ivar and Owesen Lein-Borge

26 Norwegian Vampire LARP by Torgrim Husvik

28 Factors of LARP by Morten Gade

30 Historical Worlds by Henrik Summanen

33 Before Full Time by Ingrid Fahlgren

35 LARP on the Net by Bo Kjellson

36 Experience History by Hilde Bryhn, Cathrine Movold and Margrete Raaum

40 Politically Consciousness-Expanding Roleplaying by Helge Hiram

43 Why LARP Changed the Society Before 2010 by Morten Gunnerud

47 Emotions and Authority by Ragnhild Hutchison

49 LARP = Sex? by Erlend Eidsem Hansen

51 Hidden Plays in Public Places by Jonas Nelson

54 Building Dramatics by Susanne Gräslund

58 Two-Faced Dogme-Auteur Truth by Joc (Johanna) Koljonen

61 About the Feminist Movement by Staffan Ericsson

62 Warning - Selfdestruction has Started by Thomas Davidsson


66 Introduction

67 Rules of the Post Bjorneborgian School by J. Thomas Harviainen and Lihaa Kuvitelmille

68 The Manifest Sunday by Emil B. (Boss), Martin B. (?), Gabriel W. (Widing), and Tobias W. (Wrigstad)

69 Brosme 9,9 kg by Egil Moe

70 Dogma ‘99 (by a host of larp designers)


74 Larping in Sveden by Anna Westerling

76 Larping in Denmark by Mikkel Sander

77 Rovantemi by Matti Nuorto

78 Larping in Norway ed. Ingrid Storrø

80 In the Nordic Castle of Murmansk by Hanne Grasmo

82 Larps and Stripes by Mike Pohjola


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