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Lukas Renklint (born 1990) is a larpwright and lecturer. He is mostly known for his progressive scenarios about gender, his involvement in work for equality and lectures about trans-issues. When not larping he studies to be a teacher. He likes storytelling and dragons.

Larpwright (Designer/co-designer)



  • Equality in Fiction in Larps and Alternative Gender Roles (2017)
  • Male Gendered Roles in Larp (2017) - with Robin Schlyter
  • Nordic Larp Talks, Grenselandet (2016)
  • How to Survive the Patriarchy (2016)
  • Cis-gendered Organizer - How Do You Even? (2016) - With Elvira Fallsdalen
  • Bodies and Stature (2014, 2015) - With Elvira Fallsdalen


Sirius (2007-2017)