Kjærlighet i fornedringens tid

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Kjærlighet i fornedringens tid (Love in the age of debasement) was a game run in Norway and Sweden in 2001, 2010


We are in Norway (alt. Sweden). The year is 2010. You are a couple living in Norway or are having a short, not especially spectacular holiday in Norway. You meet at a cafè. The meeting developes into a serious talk, an explosion or implosion of emotions. You are playing a couple that have been together for a while (6 month and up to 2 years). Not living together. It is about the confrontations that might show up, when we are forced or stumbled into making a stand. It is about our realtionships, when we grasp that somethings does not work. The critical moment when we have to understand that..

..this might be the end ..this might be the start of something new and perhaps more sincere

We are trying to grasp the moment when a couple realizes that their crisis is a fact, we are aiming at the very eye of the storm. At least one of the involved parties will be put to the test.

How do we experience love in an age where it would seem that it so often don`t work out?




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