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A slow landing is a technique for ending a larp, often accompanied by a slow take-off.


Rather than the larp transiting from "in-game" to "over" at a given moment, players spend some time in an in-between state where they do not communicate with each other but spend time thinking and reflecting. Slow landings are typically meditative, and may be accompanied by music and/or the voice of an instructor guiding the transition.


The slow landing may be used for purely aesthetic reasons, but is also intended to help players begin de-roling by providing a private space for thought and reflection. Additionally, it makes it easier for players to form divergent opinions on a larp experience, before the majority opinion can be discerned.

History and Examples

The slow landing was introduced at Europa where it took the form of a long silent waiting phase as characters gathered and a hypnotic count-down after their arrival. A similar, but briefer landing was used at inside:outside, while PanoptiCorp ended with each player receiving a memo saying "the game is about to end. Take your time. When you are ready, walk out of the gates and meet the other players."