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Template:Larp Ingenmansland (Swedish: No man's land) was a post-apocalyptic larp set in the near-future after a devastating war and pandemic, and focused on the small settlement of Östbacken where society was being rebuilt.

Setting and Themes

Society building, collectivism, protectivism and community in a fragile new society. Basically pretty toned down post apocalypse, with some adventurous exceptions.


Ingenmansland was a sequel of sorts to another larp called Solnedgång: Efter slutet, and the backstory was that the nuclear war broke out on midsummer's eve 2013, for no discernable reason. In the wake of the bombs the superpowers rallied and duked it out in the confusion, creating even more destruction and suffering. After the war died down came the pandemic that killed off most of the survivors. Scandinavia is more or less depopulated, and small societies pop up where survivors gather.





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