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* September 2011 (Wroclaw - Festival Fantastyki, Poland)
* September 2011 (Wroclaw - Festival Fantastyki, Poland)
* October 2011 (Oslo - [[Grenselandet]], Norway)
* October 2011 (Oslo - [[Grenselandet]], Norway)
* February 2012 (Västerås - [[Prolog]] 2012, Sweden)
* February 2012 (Västerås - [[Prolog]], Sweden)
== Authors ==
== Authors ==

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About the larp

Falne stjerner (Fallen Stars) is a short larp written at the conference held as part of Glimt av eventyr in 2010. The larp takes place at a flea market. Each player plays the role of an item for sale. Characters for the items are created before the larp begins, and each player has the physical item they are playing in front of them during the larp.


  • Each character is represented by a physical object. The player can manipulate the object, move it around, while playing.
  • During the game each player will have the opportunity to hold an inner monologue where a scene from the life of their thing is played out. The player holding the monolouge directs the remaining players non-verbally to play out the scene the monolouge describes.
  • The larp uses sound, music and lights to change between different stages of the game.


Falne stjerner has seen several runs:

  • October 2010 (Oslo, Norway)
  • January 2011 (Oslo - Through Laivfabrikken Oslo, Norway)
  • September 2011 (Wroclaw - Festival Fantastyki, Poland)
  • October 2011 (Oslo - Grenselandet, Norway)
  • February 2012 (Västerås - Prolog, Sweden)


Falne stjerner co-authored by Martin Nielsen, Vilde Herning, Magnar Grønvik Müller, Linn Eik Pilskog, Nils Hiorth.