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Black box larps is generally referred to as a subtype of chamber larps that is played in a black box. Due to the flexibility of a black box venue, almost any chamber larp can be played in a black box, however the genre normally refer to larps designed to take advantage of the opportunities given by a black box that a normal room does not have. Black box larps were initially often regular chamberlarps or freeform scenarios modified for playing in a black box at festivals where these facilities were available, such as Prolog and Grenselandet. In 2012 the festival Blackbox cph started as the first event focusing solely on black box chamberlarps.


There is no clear border between blackbox larps and other chamber larps and/or freeform scenarios. However, one useful approach can be the one Blackbox cph has used. This festival has asked designers two use the blackbox in accordance with at least two of the following criteria:

  • Use of lights
  • Use of sounds
  • Use of props
  • Use of audience

Generally black box chamber larps played at festivals such as Prolog, Grenselandet and Blackbox cph lasts 2-6 hours including workshop, accommodates 4-30 players and requrie no preparations except those made during the pre-larp workshop on site.

Large black box larps

While the term "black box larps" usually refer to the 2-6 hour larps being run with no preparations in a black box, there are also examples of larger productions using a black box as venue, usch as Delirium, Mellan himmel och hav and Kapo.