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700% is a small Danish larp design tradition. The larps have very few players (very rarely more than 3) that are directed through a very scripted story by the means of a lot of non-player characters.

Pioneered in the early 00's in the city of Vordingborg south of Copenhagen by people such as Rune Malmskov Dittmer, Michael Riis and Povl Gad affiliated with the organization SLOG (an abbreviation of South Seelands Liveroleplay Organisation). Other contributors to the tradition is Troels Barkholt-Spangsbo, Dennis Asanovski and Tim Dencker.

The larps often drew heavily on inspiration from movies and books.

Characteristics of 700% larps

  • Very few players and many non-player characters. Often 7 times or more as many non-player characters as players - hence the name of the tradition.
  • Very little transparency. Players are not allowed to know who is participating as players or npcs, what locations they can visit or where the story of the larp might take them.
  • No simulation or replacement rules.
  • Aims for a 360º degrees illusion.
  • Pervasive. Geographically and socially.
  • Railroaded stories

Examples of 700% larps

  • 3 Grader af Uskyld (2006 - en. 3 Degrees of Innocence) Post mortem
  • Den Længste Dag (2005 - en. The Longest Day) Post mortem
  • Venner for livet (unknown year - en. Friends for life)
  • Operation Falkeøje (unknown year - en. Operation Falcon Eye)