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[Data unknown/missing.]

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Use this template when you have a list in which items are missing. These aren't necessarily stubs, because it only is applied when a specific item of information is missing.

Pages using this template are included in Category:Data missing.


If you put in a parameter of "?" then it will shorten it all down to "?" which is useful in very tight spaces such as tables and charts.

If you put any other parameter in, then it will force a line break before the helping link, which is mostly helpful in tables, not in regular text.


Code   Result
George's father: {{dm}}
  George's father: [Data unknown/missing.]
George's wife: {{dm|?}}
  George's wife: ?
George's mother: {{dm|hello}}
  George's mother: [Data unknown/missing.]
{| class=wikitable
! Relations !! Names !! Dates
| Self || George || {{dm}}
| Father || {{dm}} || 1903–1975
| Wife || {{dm|?}} || 1938–2006
| Mother || {{dm|1}} || 1905–1978
Relations Names Dates
Self George [Data unknown/missing.]
Father [Data unknown/missing.] 1903–1975
Wife ? 1938–2006
Mother [Data unknown/missing.] 1905–1978