Susan ''Suus'' Mutsaers

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Susan Suus Mutsaers
NationalityThe Netherlands
Other namesSuus

Susan Suus Mutsaers is a Dutch larp designer, organizer and larper who has been playing since 2008 and joined the KP community in 2013. Since then she has earned a bachelor in social work (specializing in serious gaming, volunteer management and marketing), founded a company and worked on roughly 15 different larp and pervasive storytelling productions. Her work often explores secluded communities and the way they communicate with the outside world. With a background in costume and set-design she strives to create larps with both a strong story and a clear visual language.


Larpwright (designer/co-designer/writer)

  • When the war comes (2015)
  • Cirque Noir (2017-2019)

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