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New Voices in Art

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'''New Voices in Art''' is a short larp designed as [[Chamber Larp]]. It is set in the world of contemporary art, but art in itself is not the actual theme of the game. Rather, art and the social scene that accompanies it is used to explore themes of ambition, social pretence, our desire to be creative individuals, and of everyone being alone with their innermost thoughts.
<blockquote>''New Voices in Art is a chamber game about about a group of aspiring artist the night before the opening of the exhibition ‘New Voices in Art’. The participants play a version of themselves as aspiring artists. The main themes of this game are ambition, ambivalence and aloneness. The world of modern art is used as a setting to symbolize our yearning for success and fulfillment as creative individuals. ''</blockquote>
* [[Monologue]]

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