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== History ==
The meta room was first introduced in the Swedish Larp [[En stilla middag med familjen]] in [[2007]]. This larp used a black box as the meta room, hence the common misunderstanding that a [[black box]] and a meta room is the same.
== Usage ==
A player may invite any other players to enter the meta room, generally verbally either by asking directly or by using a certain keyword.
To make the usage of the meta room more discrete, some larps have used a [[meta technique]] where you hand out an object to invite a co-player, such a feather in [[Tinget]] and [[Just a little lovin']] or a political flyer in [[Red October]] (all [[2011]]).
Players may normally use the meta room for whatever way they like, but it is often suggested they play out flash-backs (scenes that happened before the larp) or flash-forwards (scenes that may occur in a hypothetical future). In some cases, an organizer might be present in the black box to help players facilitate their scenes and control the sound and lights.
* [[Just a little lovin]]
* [[Kapo]]
*[[It's a Man's World]]

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