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{{LarpInfobox larp run|date={{start date|1998}}|countrylocation=Gothenburg, Sweden|locationseries=Göteborg[[Wynja]]
|name=Wynja 2
|duration=2 days
|full_creditsdesigners=Designed by {{plainlist|*[[Carl Heath]] and * [[Per Wetterstrand]].}}|budgetorganizers=0 EUR[[Wynja]]|participation_feetechniques=0 EUR[[Jump Start]]|last_larp=[[Wynja 1]]|game_mechanicsnext_larp=[[Jump StartWynja 3]]
'''Wynja 2''' was a larp set in a multiverse where modern day was mixed in with influences of fantasy and science fiction. '''Wynja 2 ''' was the second larp in a small campaign with an ambition to explore mechanics of larp in a small context.
 * [[Jump Flying Start]]
* Göteborg - [[Wynja]]
*Göteborg - [[Wynja]] [[Category:1997Larp runs]][[Category:Larp runs in Sweden]][[Category:1998 larp runs]][[Category:Larps]]

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