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{{LarpStub}}{{Infobox larp run|image=Kejsartemplet.jpeg|date={{start and end dates|2005-06-20|6|202005|6|26}}|location=Ramshyttan|country=, Sweden
|english_name=The Emperor Temple
|duration=5 days
|homepage_urlwebsite=http://{{URL||homepage_link_text=Kejsartemplet}}|full_creditsorganizers=Produced by [[Lajvföreningen Dimbros Fäste]] (|designers={{Unbulleted list|[[Jimmy Janlén]], |[[Petter Kraftling]], |[[Mikael Dellgar Hellström]] et al}}|budgetparticipation_fee=unknown{{currency|90|EUR}}|participation_feetechniques=€90{{plainlist|* [[Flying Start]]|game_mechanics=Several* [[Safewords]]* [[Sudden end]]}}
'''Kejsartemplet''' was the culmination of a series of larps ([[Stormlyktan]], 1995, [[Byarna vid Seakua]], [[1996]] and [[Dimbros Fäste]], [[2001]] ) set in the same fantasy world. Kejsartemplet was unique at the time for the very ambitious building of larp houses - around 120 were built before the game. The world that Kejsartemplet took place in was a rather humoristic and "low-brow" world.[[File:res26990.jpg|thumb|Kejsartemplet|none]]
==Setting and Themes==
Massive intriguing and complicated politics in a small town.
 * [[Flying Start]]* [[Safewords]]* [[Sudden end]]
==External links==
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