Fluid time

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A fluid sense of time in 360º runtime segments where different people need to be at different times for their stories to develop properly. Rigid time might brake the games consistency or a plots internal logic.

This technique is used when you have a lot of players whom are involved in different plot lines, and where a time jump in the game is needed, but the timejump needed for each plot is not the same. Then you ask the players to have a fluid sens of time and not play up against the fact that the time is illogical and make no sense.


If one group of players have a plot that can maximum jump a few hours, and an other plot line would need a few days to past, it would not make sense to try to create a total coherent time in the game. Either one of the plots would not be able to be played out, or the magic circle of the game would fall apart. In this case it is important that players do not speak about time with each other, and keep playing as if their timeline follow their plot line.