The Monitor Celestra

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The Monitor Celestra
A logo in a science fiction font saying The Monitor Celestra
  • Run 1: March 1–3, 2013 (2013-03-01 – 2013-03-03)
  • Run 2: March 8–10, 2013 (2013-03-08 – 2013-03-10)
  • Run 2: March 15–17, 2013 (2013-03-15 – 2013-03-17)
Duration4, 8h acts for a total of 32 hours
LocationJagaren Småland, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Run 1: 113 participants
  • Run 2: 138 participants
  • Run 3: 138 participants
Budget~kr 1,000,000
Participation fee
  • A class: kr 2,400/290
  • B class: kr 2,800/335
  • C class: kr 3,400/405

The Monitor Celestra was a larp run three times in Sweden in 2013.

It was a non-profit larp set in the Wikipedia:Battlestar Galactica universe and it was organized by Alternatliv, Bardo and Berättelsefrämjandet.



The Monitor Celestra is a technology enhanced science-fiction Nordic Live Action Roleplaying Game about cultural and personal conflict in the shadow of the destruction of the twelve colonies of mankind.

This is the story of one of the ships in the surviving rag-tag fleet and there is a reason you have never heard it. It’s the story of The Celestra, last of the Monitor-class ships. This is the true story of the 13th Cylon model and the real reason the universe finally found peace, a story you can never watch or read. It’s a story you must live. [1]


The production had 389 participants split in three larps. Numbers received in interview with co-producer Cecilia Dolk 29 March 2013.

  • Game 1 - March 1–3: 113 participants
  • Game 2 - March 8–10 (English language only): 138 participants
  • Game 3 - March 15–17: 138 participants


  • Act structure in Celestra called Episodes.
  • Shadows called Phantoms and used as part of the diegesis
  • Meta room as variant used a virtual world Holoband as part of the diegesis and for playing out scenes such as a flight routine with Viper and Raptor spacecrafts.

Video Trailer

Video introduction of the larp (7 minutes).

Video Documentation

Video documentation from game 3 made by Petter Karlsson (11 minutes).

Video documentation from game 3 made by Fish and Elephant Production (2 minutes).

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