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* [[Pre-game Workshop]]
* [[Pre-game Workshop]]
* [[Black Box]]
* [[Black Box]]
* [[Toilet wall]
* [[Info wall]]
* [[Monologues]]
* [[Monologues]]

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Template:Larp Till death do us part was a larp about a wedding between a Palestinian woman and a Norwegian man. It was set in Ramallah, Palestine and co-written by members of Fantasiforbundet and The Peace and Freedom Youth Forum. It had local players and players from the Nordic countries, playing family, friends and collegues of the couple.

In the week before the larp, the Nordic players stayed in Jerusalem and took trips from there in East Jerusalem and into the West Bank to learn more about the situation in the occupied Palestinian territories.


Harald and Kholoud are getting married and have invited family, friends and collegues to the wedding. In the preparations the women hold a henna party and the men a bachelor party.

The story revolves around exploring differences and similarities in the Nordic and Palestinian countries, wedding traditions, family relationships, mixed relationships, friendship, old and new love, family expectations, queer issues, life under occupation and a cooruption scandal involving the brides uncle and the head of the NGO the groom works for.


The game was highly transparent and made use of several meta-techniques to enhance play, for instance