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This template is mostly for inclusion in the "References" section of article, giving detailed description of US patent: the inventor, title, and link to find full text in US patent office database.


{{US patent reference
 | number     = 
 | issue-date = 
 | inventor   = 
 | title      = 
  • number (required) is a patent number, without leading "US" letters, but with leading "D" letter if patent number contains it, and is required.
  • issue-date (optional) is the date of issuing (granting).
  • inventor (optional) is a name of inventor; it can be a wiki-link, of course.
  • title (optional) is the title of the patent.

Sample rendering

{{US patent reference
 | number     = 5285709
 | issue-date = February 15, 1994
 | inventor   = John D. Grant
 | title      = Machine head for tuning a stringed instrument, especially a guitar or the like

US patent 5285709, John D. Grant, "Machine head for tuning a stringed instrument, especially a guitar or the like", issued February 15, 1994 

Preferably, after inclusion of this template in "references", one should give less formal and more reader-friendly explanation of what this patent is all about.


This template produces COinS metadata; see COinS in Wikipedia for background information.

See also

Other templates that may be applicable for other uses (i.e. in-line inclusion) include: