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To use the template, copy the following into an article and fill in the appropriate sections. There is no need to delete unwanted sections. All fields are optional.

Blank template

{{Infobox play
| name       = 
| image      = 
| alt        = 
| caption    = 
| writer     = 
| chorus     = 
| characters = 
| mute       = 
| setting    = 
| premiere   = <!-- {{Start date|YYYY|MM|DD}} -->
| place      = 
| orig_lang  = 
| series     = 
| subject    = 
| genre      = 
| web        = 


{{Infobox play    
| name       = Title of play
| image      = Oldest image available if possible (filename only, e.g. Example.jpg)
| alt        = Alternative text for the image
| caption    = A caption for the image
| writer     = The names of the author or authors (encloses lists with {{plainlist}})
| chorus     = The name of the (Greek) chorus character
| characters = List of other characters (encloses lists with {{plainlist}})
| mute       = List of characters that do not speak (encloses lists with {{plainlist}})
| setting    = The places and time where the play takes place
| premiere   = The date it was first performed; (see below)
| place      = The theatre and/or city it was first performed in
| orig_lang  = The language it was originally written in
| series     = List related plays if it is part of a series (encloses lists with {{plainlist}})
| subject    = The overall subject matter dealt with by the play
| genre      = The play's genre
| web        = URL of the official website

Note: For the date of the première, use {{startdate}} for compatibility with the hCalendar microformat. For properties with multiple values, encloses lists with {{plainlist}}


If the play is one in a series by the same author, you may use |last_play= and |next_play= to link to the previous and next play in the series. By default, the heading for this section is set to the writer's name. To override this choice, use |chronology=.


Gérin Clytemnestre hésitant avant de frapper Agamemnon endormi Louvre 5185.jpg
"The Murder of Agamemnon"
by Pierre-Narcisse Guérin
Written byAeschylus
ChorusElders of Argos
SettingArgos, before the royal palace
{{Infobox play 
| name       = Agamemnon
| image      = Murder of agamemnon.jpg
| caption    = "The Murder of Agamemnon"<br />by Pierre-Narcisse Guérin
| writer     = [[Wikipedia:Aeschylus|]]
| chorus     = Elders of [[Wikipedia:Argos|]]
| characters = {{plainlist|
| setting    = Argos, before the royal palace 

Controlling line-breaking in embedded bulletless lists

Template {{nbsp}} may be used with {{wbr}} and {{nowrap}} to control line-breaking in bulletless lists embedded in the infobox (e.g. characters, writers, and other content marked up with {{plainlist}}), to prevent wrapped long entries from being confused with multiple entries. See Template:Wbr/doc#Controlling line-breaking in infoboxes for details.


The HTML mark-up produced by this template includes an hCalendar microformat that makes event details readily parsable by computer programs. This aids tasks such as the cataloguing of articles and maintenance of databases. For more information about the use of microformats on Wikipedia, please visit the Microformat WikiProject.

Classes used

The HTML classes this microformat uses include:

  • attendee
  • contact
  • description
  • dtend
  • dtstart
  • location
  • organiser
  • summary
  • url
  • vevent
Please do not rename or remove these classes
nor collapse nested elements which use them.

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