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For {{{1}}}, {{{2}}}-related articles needing a photograph, use:

{{WikiProject {{{2}}}|imageneeded=yes|in={{{1}}}, {{{2}}}}}

on the article's talk page, which adds it to this category, [[:Category:Wikipedia requested photographs in {{{1}}}, {{{2}}}]]. You can help Wikipedia by uploading freely licensed photographs for these articles to Wikimedia Commons. If there is a specific item in [[{{{1}}}]] that you want photographed, please use (for example):

{{WikiProject {{{2}}}|imageneeded=yes|in={{{1}}}, {{{2}}}|imagedetails=A photo of the House}}

[[Template:WikiProject {{{2}}}]] has other parameters that you may use as well.


Please add your contact information below so that others may contact you directly about a photo request in {{{1}}}. You may add your contact information to more than one {{{2}}} province. Please include your user name, a link to your talk page, a link to a gallery of the photos you've contributed to the wiki if applicable, and any comment you feel is necessary. You may also want to add a comment explaining how far you're willing to travel to take a photograph. For example,

:* [[User:Example]] [[Commons:User:Example/Gallery|Gallery in Commons]] - Travel within xxx Province and occasionally to xxx.

Please look over Wikipedia:Requested pictures/Places to see whether you are able fulfill photo requests for your particular location. Look at the article talk page to see whether a specific item has been requested to be photographed. After you have fulfilled a request and the article likely does not need any more location photos, remove the |imageneeded=yes|in={{{1}}} or {{reqphoto}} template from the article's talk page.

Photographers for [[{{{1}}}]]

[[Category:Wikipedia requested photographs in {{{2}}}|{{{1}}}]] [[Category:{{{1}}}]]

Template documentation[view] [edit] [history] [purge]


This template {{HowtoreqphotoinEcuador}} provides instructions on how to request photographs for articles with Ecuador subjects. The template is a self-referencing. Please add to relevant articles' talk pages.

This template should be transcluded as {{HowtoreqphotoinEcuador}} and not substituted {{subst:}} because it employs conditional code. Transclusion also allows easy updating of all the Project's talk pages without having to edit thousands of pages.

The template also employs data field parameters as described below.


Parameters legend

  • The first unnamed parameter should be the Wikipedia article name for the Ecuador province.
  • The second unnamed parameter should be Ecuador.
  • Example configurations for the template includes the following:
    • {{HowtoreqphotoinEcuador|Los Ríos Province|Ecuador}}
    • {{HowtoreqphotoinEcuador|Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas Province|Ecuador}}

See also

Media request templates

The following templates may be used on article talk pages to request the addition of particular types of media files. See the individual templates for usage notes. Specific templates are indented under the more general templates and, where possible, the most specific template should be used.