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This template is for use in citations, usually linking the search page for locating relevant report(s) in the database of the US Department of Labor's Office of Labor-Management Standards. All parameters are optional, although |rptId= and |rptForm= must be used together.


  • |filenum=: the reporting file-number for the subject of the report.
  • |date=: when the report was submitted and/or accepted by OLMS; not the timespan covered by the report.
  • |rptId= and |rptForm=: these allow linking directly to a report (possibly HTML, PDF or any other format), but for many reports can be difficult to obtain, and may require examining the javascript links provided on index pages. For example, your link may look like javascript:getDetailReport(document.forms[0],539374,'LM2Form',null), revealing the entries ("539374" and "LM2Form", respectively) needed to direct link.