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Susanne has also written two freeform scenarios for the Stockholm Scenario Festival (both co-authored with Anders Hultman):
Susanne has also written freeform scenarios for the Stockholm Scenario Festival (co-authored with [[Anders Hultman]]):
*The Testimony (Vittnesmål, 2015) https://scenariofestival.se/archive/scenarios-2015/the-testimony/
*[https://scenariofestival.se/archive/scenarios-2015/the-testimony/ The Testimony] (Vittnesmål, 2015)
*Women (2017) https://scenariofestival.se/archive/scenarios-2017/women/
*[https://scenariofestival.se/archive/scenarios-2017/women/ Women] (2017)
*[https://scenariofestival.se/scenarios-2019/the-last-thing-to-die/ The Last Thing to Die] (2019)
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*The opera Cleo & Elchanon (Dido & Aeneas, Högting, 1998)
*The opera Cleo & Elchanon (Dido & Aeneas, Högting, 1998)
*Tant Gredelins salongsorkester (Det sista kapitlet, 1998)
*Tant Gredelins salongsorkester ([[Det sista kapitlet]], 1998)
*Opera arias (Fairweather manor 2, 2015)
*Opera arias ([[Fairweather manor]] 2, 2015)
*Ball room orchestra (Fortune & Felicity, 2018)
*Ball room orchestra ([[Fortune & Felicity]], 2018)

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Susanne Gräslund
Sara Mein Herr.jpg
Born1973 (age 47–48)
Years active1989–present

Susanne Gräslund (born 1973) began to larp in 1989 and was part of the pioneer generation in Sollentuna, Sweden. With a background in theatre and roleplaying, she quickly endulged herself in this hobby which she has now taken active part in for more than 30 years. In 1995, Susanne joined the editor's board of Fëa Livia – a magazine about larp. She was part of the board for four years of which two as editor-in-chief. She left in 1999 to be able to fully focus on organizing Knappnålshuvudet (Head of a Pin) set up in Gothenburg October 1999.

Knappnålshuvudet is Susanne's only larp project as main organizer, but she has contributed as a writer for several others like:

Susanne was part of the wider organizing committee for Knutpunkt-98 and was responsible for the debate room. Susanne also contributed to the Knutepunkt book of 2001, The Book with the article Building Dramatics. For the Nordic Larp (Book) she was the country contact for Sweden, wrote two of the chapters, about Head of the Pin (together with Daniel Krauklis) and Europa, as well as contributed with photos.

Susanne has also written freeform scenarios for the Stockholm Scenario Festival (co-authored with Anders Hultman):

Furthermore, Susanne has often contributed to larps by performing music, in most cases as part of the fiction.

Susanne can also be seen in the Swedish larp documentary Den lekande människan, both as the jazz singer Carolin Hallberg (Brustna Illusioner) and as Madeleine Schrödinger (Föreningen Visionära Vetenskapsmäns Årliga Kongress), both from 1996. https://www.oppetarkiv.se/video/1884770