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Formation2013; 9 years ago (2013)
Founded atGöteborg, Sweden
  • Sweden

Scenlaboratoriet is an experimental and researching theater and performance group from Sweden.

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We in Scenlaboratoriet take our approaches from artistic, psychological and technological fields of research and try to pose and answer new questions pertaining to interaction, communication and what it is to be human in a digital era. We want to create new methodology in theatre and transmedia in areas such as co-creation, participatory design and interplay between fields of research.

The work in Scenlaboratoriet builds upon the technical development, where social processes to a higher extent are mediated through digital arenas and filters. We try to ask questions that in their nature are not only technological, but also humanistic, sociological and psychological. A great deal of human interaction is mediated through higher levels of abstraction. The performing arts and theater has as one of its major themes to explore human communication in all its shapes and forms. One way of exploring the abstractions and trends of our time is to connect the technological, psychological, trans-medial and theatrical ways of relating to these questions.. Later productions include Human and Machine LARP prototype session and Coded Reality.