Sagalinn Tangen

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Sagalinn Tangen
Sagalinn during Avalon 2018 briefing by Nadina Dobrowolska.jpg
Sagalinn during Avalon (2018) briefing by Nadina Dobrowolska
NationalitySweden, Norway
Years active2008-present
OrganizationAvalon Larp Studio

Sagalinn Tangen (born 1998) is a second generation larper, writer and larp designer from Sweden. On her mission to increase diversity in larp, her community contributions often center around intersectional feminism, and intergeneration larps. Her larp interests includes how larp as a tool for self-discovery and exploration. In her design Sagalinn's focus is on stories and tends to use secrecy over transparency, creating stories filled with uncertainty and dramatic tension. Sagalinn has larped since 2008 and set-up her first Nordic larp (Limbo) in November 2017. She is a member of Avalon Larp Studio.

Larp Productions


Other work

  • We Will Replace You - Young Organisers Panel (Knutpunkt 2018)
  • Intergenerational Storytelling and larping as a family - Workshop and Conversation (State of the Larp, 2018)