Halfdan Keller Justesen

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Halfdan Keller Justesen (born 1992) has larped since 1998, and introduced his parents to larp soon thereafter. He is a trained product designer and currently lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. He organised his first larp in 2018 in collaboration with Avalon Larp Studio, which he is now a member of.

Personal Life

Ever since he was gifted his first boffer sword on his 6th birthday, Halfdan har been a larper. After larping with his parents for several years, he started playing more on his own. He has worked as a helper/NPC and NPC coordinator at multiple larps, and also acted as the NPC coordinator alongside his organiser duties at Avalon (2018), the fist larp he organised.

Halfdan studies sustainable design engineering at Aalborg University in Copenhagen, and is currently working on his master's degree.


Avalon (2018), organiser and NPC coordinator

Convention Program Items

We Will Replace You - Young organisers panel member, Knutpunkt 2018


Tale of the North Wind (2019), organiser