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Granland (Swedish: Granland or literally "Land of Pines") is a Swedish soldier larp campaign that's been ongoing since 2008. The games take place in a fictional medieval world with the same attributes as the real world - placing the Granland-fiction in the "Alternate Earth" category. Granland is one of Swedens most active larp-campaigns at the moment, with about 3-4 games per year in average. The campaign has been described as highly ambitious and well organized with focus on realistic immersion, social realism, role-playing and character creation. The campaign also involves elements of war, which are used as a catalyst for creating and improving the mutual immersion. The main focus of the campaign is the cultural conflict between the progressive nationalist nation of Granland, and the traditional and deeply religious organisation known has Heliga Armén (Swedish: The Holy Army).

Cultural expressions

Auxilia in the Holy Army, Photo: GeddaFors Film

The campaign itself does not limit itself to games, but also involves many types of cultural expressions around the fictional world known as Ordavesvärlden (Swedish: The world of Ordaves). Participants and organizers regularly create works of music, art and literature inspired by or taking place in the fictional world portrayed in the games. Several types of media have also been professionally produced for the Granlands-campaign, including but not limited to;

* A book containing the campaigns fiction, published by Ersatz 
* A strategy board game known as "Granlandsspelet" (Swedish: The Granland game) by Olof Blomqvist
* A short film produced by GeddaFors Film *
* Several songs by Patriarkus *

Participatory culture

Characters and plots are mainly up to players to create, and organizers usually only provide thematic framework, setting and a list of character types they wish to see at the larp. This has led to a huge participatory culture in which players not only create well written groups and characters, but also contribute with poems, songs, special effects and a generousity in sharing equipment and knowledge.

The fiction

The larps take place in the world of Minea, with cultures reminding of the medieval Europe. Inspiration is also taken from the esthetics of steampunk, the World Wars I and II and the war in Vietnam.


Civilians from Måsland, Photo: Björn Kallander
  • Cordovien: A totalitarian fascist island nation with a fanatic dedication to save the world from capitalism.
  • Danna'Gil: A strange race (somewhat a mixture of steampunk elves and aliens), who fight on the Cordovian side, making high technology items and scientific experiments.
  • Jorgala: The oppressed country between Gillet and Cordovien, clinging on to their religion and conservative traditions.
  • Gillet: A capitalist organization (similar to the 14th century German dominated "Hansa"), consisting of different cultures who fight for their right to earn money and become rich.
  • Skaegi: A people (similar to the Nordic "Vikings") the former lords of Jorgala, who were driven away by the Cordovians in the first act of the war and who now fight for Gillet.

There are also other minor cultures too small to mention here.

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