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Inspired by the movie Cube, the tv-series Black Mirror and the tv-series the OA comes a larp from Ariadne’s Red Thread, set in the same universe as The Solution in 2016.

It is a larp about an isolated, cultic existence inside a black room. It is a larp about psychological pressure, tests and obedience, about closeness and the struggle to impress. Organizers

Full Credits


Carl Nordblom​, Main organizer, Aesthetics, Practical, Workshops

Simon Svensson, Main organizer, Game design, Writing, GM

Anna-Lisa Muckas Gustavsson​, Character writing & coordination

Petra Lindve​, Food, GM, Rituals, Workshops, Character writing

Stefan Lunneborg​, NPCs, GM, Workshops


Johan Ahlsten​, character writing

Filip Andreasson, on site, NPC, practical

Elvira Andemore, on site, NPC, practical

Elaine Boström​, on site, NPC, practical

Christer Edvardsson, practical

Sara Ekvall, on site, NPC, practical

Midde Näregård, on site, NPC, practical

Sagalinn Leo Tangen​, practical


Simon Kölle, music

Sebastian Utbult, coding